Hills of Barovia

A Loyal Doge

Session 5

Velrune and Fiminian continued their quest to make contact with the Mad Mage. Instead, they only managed to befriend a blood hound, which they later learned must be Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound… or at least once was.

With a new mouth to feed, and no further clues, the two abandoned the loud gypsie camp so that they could deliver Ireena Kolyana to safety in Vallaki or Krezk.

A few miles outside of the Village a Barovia, FImian and Velrune realized something was wrong as a flock of Ravens drew their attention to the Chapel of Saint Ecataria. There they found injured Donavich, distraught that he had been forced to murder his vampire son Doru, in self-defense, after Doru had returned to torment his father.

Velrune made sure the evil had truly been slain and left the priest to deal with his own sins. Fimian, on the other hand, stayed around and managed to bring the light back to Donovich, keeping him from embracing the darkness growing within him.

The session ended as a loud knock emanated from the door of 13 Hemwick Charnel Lane, the former Durst House. Its source, an elf claiming to be chamberlain of Castle Ravenloft, offering each character a personalized invitation to join Strahd von Zarovich for dinner.


HexIron HexIron

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