Hills of Barovia

Burial at Dawn

Session 2

O Dawnmaster, support this soul as we lay Koylan Inidirovich to rest by the strong arms of Thy Brightness and the fragrance of Thy consolations. Let Thy Shining Mercy pour over him and let Thy own body be his food, and Thy blood his sprinkling; and let Thy glorious Chanticleers and our own dear Saint Ecataria smile on us who bid him farewell, that in and through them all he may die as we desire to live, in Thy Arms, in Thy faith and in Thy love. Praise the Dawn!

-Priest Donivich

As the shadows of Ravenloft were finally cast away by the diffused light on the sun Priest Donovich finished the burial of former burgomaster Koylan Indirovich. A smalll group of haggard forms stood gathered to witness his final disposition. Koylan’s children, Ismark Kylanovich and and Ireena Kolyana, along with the newest collection of strangers in Barovia, Persephone Phineas Blackwood: “Phin”, Vilrune Siegardson, and Fimian Frostfury.

The night had been long. The party fought Preist Donovich’s son Doru, in the undercroft of the Chapel of Saint Ecataria. Unfortunately, his vampiric speed and strength allowed him to escape into the mists of the night. His last words, “Father, I’m coming home!”.

After the battle the party had time to meet Velrune, paladin of “Heironeous”, and whitness the March of the Dead as souls of former warriors make their nightly procession to castle Ravenloft, where it is said they fell at the hands of the Devil Strahd. The party also learned they should seek out Madam Eva at Tser Pool Encampment because she may be able to give them answers as to why they are in Barovia.

Now the party heads to the Durst House, so they can gather or salvage any supplies that will help them make the journey to the town of Vallaki.

Items found: Hymns to the Dawn , The Blade of Truth .
Quests Finished : Bury a Burgomaster , Cleanse Doru .
New Quests : Fortunes of Ravenloft
350xp gained


HexIron HexIron

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