Hills of Barovia

Death of a Burgomaster

Session 1


Tall shapes loomed out of the dense fog that surrounds everything. The muddy ground underfoot gave way to slick wet cobblestones. This is Barovia, where the tall shapes are drab village dwellings, most boarded up, whose windows stare out into the empty streets from pools of blackness. No sound cut the silence except for mournful sobbing that echoed through the streets.

It was here that the confused Fimian and Phin met as they stepped onto the slick cobblestone streets of Barovia for the first time. There was no need for lengthy discussion. It was understood that they must work together if they want to leave this bleak land.

The first task was to stop the damn sobbing. A short search led the party to Mad Mary. Using her charm, Phin was able to calm Mary down and find out her daughter Gertruda has gone missing. She fears the “Devil Strahd” took Gertruda as one of his consorts. Contract: Find Gertruda

Once that was settled, Fimian made way to the Blood of the Vine Tavern only to find that in these lands wine is happiness and there is no ale to be found. Luckily, Ismark the Lesser was ale to offer up some imported dwarven ale in hopes the newcomers would help him. He desperately wants his sister Ireena Kolyana to be escorted safely to Vallaki, away from Strahd von Zarovich. Main Quest Escort Ireena

After finishing their drinks the party visited the burgomaster’s mansion. Its windows boarded up, charred with fire and cut deeply with claw marks. Recent works by “the minions of Strahd”. The constant harassment by the devil’s pawns proved too much for the old burgomaster’s heart and he passed away three days prior. Ireena refuses to leave Barovia until her father receives a proper burial. Secondary Quest: Bury a Burgomaster

In an effort to get things done quickly, Fimian and Phin immediately escorted Ismark, Ireena, and the dead Koylan to the local chapel, dedicated to the Morning Lord. They found the chapel in shambles, carrying similar burns and claw marks on the outside. Within, among broken heaps of furniture, say the drunken preist Donavich, frantically praying while his son Doru screams for food from the undercroft below. It turns our Doru is a vampire and has been trapped in the undercroft by his father for over a year. Contract: Cleanse Doru

Donavich lets the party know he will perform the burial for Koylan, but must do so at dawn. The party must now wait the night at the chapel.


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