Hills of Barovia

Through the Mists

Session 0

6th moon, 735

Persephone Phineas Blackwood, the Teifling bard, awakes on a surgical table in an abandoned clinic with an IV in her arm. With no memory of how she got there, she followed fellow patients out of the clinic and across the street into the abandoned Durst house. The others never made it out, but “Phin” became the newest resident of Barovia.

Fimian Frostfury found more than ale in a small tavern while looking for work. A Vistani man handed him a letter from the burgomaster of Barovia himself, Koylan Indirovich Letter II, begging for assistance. The next day, Fimian Found himself walking through the stone gates of Barovia and stumbling across yet another letter on a corpse, Letters from Burgomaster Koylan Indirovich I. He narrowly avoided becoming wolf dinner before making his way to the Village of Barovia.

A Paladin of Heironeous took his life to repent for his sins.
Vilrune Siegardson stumbles through the woods half mad from thirst and hunger. His clothes are torn and his armor is splattered with dirt and blood. His hands desperatly grip the hilt of a massive great sword, the blade and crossbar soaked and dripping with blood. The blood seems to be burning his skin down to his bones and his very soul and there is no release from it. Desperate he stops, having lost his way, stabs the blade halfway into the ground and calls the name of his patron ‘He…’ a thunder rols and swallows the rest. With wide eyes he grabs his stock of lantern oil and douses himself in it before setting it aflame. Finally an end to the terror and the haunting eyes of the others
And then he wakes with a start. Clear air stabs his lungs and the dim light of a day, not yet fully begun (or ended?) greets him. Can this be? Was it all for naught? His patron feels distant, the pain dulled…
And then something else grabs his attention… Pleas for food… A father being called to end the suffering, end the hunger and release him. In the name of He… this cannot be.
Hastily he grabs his belonging, with one hand pulls the sword from the ground and follows the sounds. A small chapel to an unknown deity, shadows moving inside and yet, the place is hallowed and it pulls him forward…


HexIron Hanswurst

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