Edward Francis

Half-Elf/Monk 6'2", 180 lb., has gray-white hair and brown eyes.


Edward Francis is stern, direct and very intimidating. Though often unspoken, he speaks more with his body language than he does with his words. Edward Francis is intuitive and quick to judge a situation though he rarely reveals his observations to others. Not much is known about Edward Francis’s past due to his high level of secrecy and seclusion. Considered to be a protector of those who follow him, Edward Francis will do what he can to protect his elites.

As a judge, the 4th is equipped with his gavel. Aside from that, he does not use any other weapons or armor. Unarmed, is when he is most dangerous.


Son of the 3rd, the 4th is the most feared individual in his homeland. Not much is known about Judge Edward Francis the 4th prior to him taking power. It is said not many even knew Francis the 3rd had a son. Known by the public as Judge Francis the 4th, he rules with an iron fist. Though he is now said to be a man of justice, peace, and humility there was a time in which this was not so. In his youth, he was known to be…less refined and somewhat ruthless like his father.

After his father’s passing he became the new ruler of the land and set out with one goal in mind, justice. As Judge Francis the 4th he not only made the laws, he became “the law”. Over time, people were left with two options follow “the law” or be judged by Francis the 4th.

Within three years’ crime became non-existent. The penalty of having to stand trial in the presence of Judge Francis was said to be, “most effective at preventing 2nd offenders”. The overpowering gaze and fixed glare that gleamed from his eyes as his presence sucked the air from the room was enough to make even the strongest men cower in fear. No one dared to question his judgement. Though his sheer will was intimidating enough to suppress any opposition, the powers of which he welded was by far even more terrifying.

Edward Francis

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