Fimian Frostfury

Dwarven Cleric/Fighter


A young Shield Dwarf; Fighter and Cleric of Dumathoin. Pale white skin, blue eyes and red hair. Carried a shield and a one handed battle axe that seems as though permanently covered in frost.


Fimian is a Cleric of Dumathoin from Clan Frostfury of Citadel Adbar. One of his main responsibilities was to go on scouting missions with a team of soldiers to act as a guide and healer in search of new metal/gem deposits for the miners of the Citadel. On one such mission, his unit was attacked by a Drow hunting party. The unit successfully eliminated the Drow but took heavy losses in doing so. Among the dead was a member of a rival clan, Clan Stoneblade. Upon returning to the Citadel, a high-ranking member of Clan Stoneblade saw the opportunity to weaken a rival clan. He accused Fimian of deliberately allowing the young warrior to die because he was a rival. While this wasn’t true, some of the surviving members of his clan, friends of the deceased or in the employ of Clan Stoneblade, backed the accusation. Fimian was cast out of Citadel Adbar in exile and the standing of his clan was severely weakened.

He now wanders the lands in search of a way to gain back his honor and get revenge on those that have wronged him. However, he knows that because Dumathoin has not forsaken him, that his god may yet have some task to him to accomplish or secrets to uncover along the way.

Fimian Frostfury

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