Persephone Phineas Blackwood: "Phin"

Tiefling Bard/Warlock


Standing height reaching six feet tall, Phin is not one to go unnoticed. She is a pale, lavender-kissed tiefling with quirky sensibilities. Although very open and quick-witted, she carries a bit of darkness. Studying in the Bardic School of Valor, she always carries her instrument of choice, the hauntingly intriguing and beautiful hurdy-gurdy. Her instrument is highly baroque and seems to be so startlingly similar to her own soul. Her hair, a silvery lilac braided and twisted with flowers, beads and ribbons delicately wrapped around her fiendish horns. She was a walking contradiction; angelic and infernal. Welcoming and intimidating. Herself embodying duality, she makes you question your own morality.


Persephone Phineas Blackwood grew up in the city of Silverymoon, the “Gem of the North”, where her childhood was spent in the luxuries of nobility. The Blackwood name is well known throughout the Silver Marshes thanks to her mother Penelope Blackwood, the first Tiefling to graduate from Lady’s College school of mages and a member of the Peer’s Council in Silverymoon. Persophone inherited her mother’s magical abilities which manifested themselves through music. Phin, as she likes to be called, went on to study at the prestigious Utrumm’s Music Conservatory where she graduated top of her class in the Bardic School of Valor where she chose the uncommon hurdy-gurdy as her instrument of choice.

Persephone Phineas Blackwood: "Phin"

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