Hills of Barovia

Wizard in the Mist

Session 4

The morning began slowly as hung over Visani crawled out of bed. It seemed only Fimian and Velrune were functional so they left the Vistani and Phin, who had had a bit too much partying herself, behind to go investigate the rumors that a mage had falled to his death at the nearby waterfall.

Along the way the were attacked by a pack of wolves, who where quickly fought off by the two warriors before reaching an old stone bridge crossing the cliffs on both sides of the river 1000 feet overhead. Once they reached the misty falls, they began searching for clues.

After remembering that the story they had heard from the Vistana the night before, Velrune and Fimian made their way toward an area where rocks had been blasted from the cliffside. There they came across a goat, who surprisingly turned into a Mad Mage. He had no interest communicating with Velrune and Fimian, believing that they were agents of Strahd. A quick fire blast at Velrune and the mage vanished.

An hour and many arm fulls of rubble later, Fimian and Velrune found a badly damaged wizard’s spellbook, hinting that the mad mage they saw may have been the same mage from the story. After returning to the camp and running the clues by madam Eva, they learned that this mage may have even been the legendary Mordenkainen himself!

In hopes they would be able to communicate and befriend the man they returned the following day, only to find a Bloodhound sitting patiently upon the rocks.

Rewards: 135 experience to Fimian and Velrune


HexIron HexIron

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