Vilrune Siegardson

Vilrune is of average height for a human, but very muscled. His face bears a massive, poorly healed scar and his eyes are cold and piercing.


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Vilrune (vill-ruun) Siegardson is 6 ft tall and broadchested. His arms and legs show the rigor of years of training with heavy weapons and shield. From his face it is obvious that battle, wounds and loss have scarred him beyond the visibly scars in his face and arms. There is little warmth in his gaze or in his speech, only when he laughs glimpses of his former self shine through and in those rare instances a hint of his past becomes visible.

Vilrune wears a chainmail suit with small plates on his chest. His back is protected by a shield and the most visible weapon is a greatsword on his back, but he also carries a longsword in his pack. The small plate on his chest is charred and dented, but the symbol, that is scratched beyond recognition radiates magic, but it is unclear from sight which deity it belongs to.

He sometimes appears aimless and is given to spells where is eyes become unfocussed and he seems to be listenting to something only he can hear.


Vilrune is a Paladin and has been brought up by a temple, so much is clear. What is unclear is what deity he follows, even though he claims to be a paladin of Heironeus.
His behavior is courteous, if reserved and he seems to be upholding the law as he sees it. The name ‘Heironeus’ that he mentions when he talks about his world is a god of chivalry and radiant heroes, friend of Pelor the god of the sun.
And yet… something is strange. During the fight with the young vampire spawn he seemed to have wanted to turn the vampire or harm him with the powers of good, but he called on ‘Hextor’ when doing so. Even when commanding the spawn to face him in a duel, he called on the terrible god or war and destruction, Hextor the evil twin of Heironeous.
This event was repeated in his attempt to destroy and undead fairy, which instead now obeys his command. When told that he called upon Hextor, not Heironeus he got angry and spat ‘I will never invoke the Betrayer!’ at his comrades, but the doubt in his gut remains…

A few moments later the group came across a corpse in the road, that was strangely familiar to Vilrune and with horror he realized that this was his own corpse, burned almost beyond recognition. In the light of this discovery, he shared his last moments with the others. Betrayed, he fled in the woods, trying to get away from others and gave in to his despair. In the light of what he had done he saw no other way but to douse himself in oil and burn himself alive to end the agony of his existence. He does not remember how he stumbled through the woods and the exact place where he died, but if there is any claim to the Monster’s claim, that he brought Vilrune here, then this might be his corpse, indeed.
However, if that was true… What has Vilrune turned into now?

Vilrune is now convinced, that the realm is Purgatory and a continuation of the horrors he faced in the ‘real world’. When being left alone his mind wanders and the castle atop the mountain draws his gaze. His face showing anger and hopelessness. His hands look for the holy symbol on his chest, the one that is scratched beyond recognition, and then pulls away quickly.

Vilrune Siegardson

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